Does Your Podcast Need A Website? The Podcast Report Episode #5

Design a show that doesn’t NEED a
The strategic Podcaster MUST examine the role of the Website in their Podcast and examine if it is an opportunity or an obligation. In this episode of The Podcast Report, Paul examines whether or not a Podcast even NEEDS a Website.

The Big Idea – Design a show that doesn’t NEED a Website and you’ll design a better show. [Tweet this]

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Are There Any New Podcast Monetization Models? The Podcast Report Episode #4

Profitable Podcasters Don’t Monetize
How can I monetize my Podcast is a question I get over and over again and a question, honestly, that I think does much more damage than good. Since we’ve been asking this question since day 1, I thought it would be fun to examine if anything has really changed in Podcast Monetization.  Would love your thoughts below:

The Big Idea – Profitable Podcasters Don’t Monetize Their Podcast, They Monetize Their Message (And They Know The Difference) (Tweet This)

To Get The Show Transcript And Mind Map, text “#EP4” to 503-897-1290.