When Should The Podcaster Sell Their Own Stuff? – The Podcast Report Episode #55

If They Know, Like And Trust You - Why
Big Idea – If They Know, Like And Trust You – Why Wouldn’t They Buy Something From You? (tweet this) 

One obvious option for Podcast Monetization must be YOU selling YOUR STUFF directly to YOUR AUDIENCE. In this episode of The Podcast Report, Paul Colligan examines some thoughts and ideas on when you might want to do just that and a few things to think about along the way.

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Running The Numbers – The Podcast Report #54

Copy of Not looking at Podcast numbers IS not
Big Idea – Not looking at Podcast numbers IS not taking your Podcast seriously (Tweet This)

In prepping for his presentation at Podcast Movement 2015, Paul Colligan has been thinking a lot about “running the numbers” on a Podcast and offers a few thoughts on why you should and why you just might not be running your Podcast numbers.


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The Most Important Thing In Podcasting – The Podcast Report Episode #53

Photo Jul 07, 8 09 30 AM
Paul Colligan examines what he believes to be the “most important thing” in Podcasting – the MESSAGE. When you compare the shows you can’t miss with the shows that you’ve subscribed to, Paul bets the difference is – the MESSAGE.

Big Idea – The Message Makes The Podcast More Than The Tech Ever Will (http://ctt.ec/Wa3LR)


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It Is An Issue Of What YOU Are Doing In Podcasting – The Podcast Report Episode #52

Paul Colligan has been doing The Podcast Report for a year now and has a few thoughts on this week’s Podcasting News that have very little to do with this week’s Podcasting News.

Big Idea – It’s no longer an issue of what’s possible in Podcasting – it’s an issue of what YOU’RE doing with Podcasting. (Tweet This)


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7 Reasons Why You DON’T Want To Be Podcasting – The Podcast Report Episode #51


At the most recent meeting of Joe Polish’s Genius Network, I got the chance to present a “10 Minute Talk” on 7 reasons why you DON’T want to be Podcasting. Had a lot of fun with it and I think you’ll enjoy …

Big Idea – It’s Not Fair To Be On All Those Networks When All Your Competition Has Is A Lousy Looking Web Page – Tweet This

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Lessons Learned In 50 Episodes – The Podcast Report With Paul Colligan Episode #50

Photo Jun 16, 8 15 48 AM
The Podcast Report is now 50 episodes and in this episode, Paul Colligan (How To Podcast 2015) shares things learned 50 episodes into this Podcast about Podcasting.

What The Audience Expects And What The Numbers Tell You Aren’t Always The Same Thing – Click To Tweet 


Is Batching Your Podcast The Next Thing? – The Podcast Report Episode #49

Photo Jun 08, 7 49 24 PM
The idea of “batching” your Podcast isn’t new – and there are plenty of people doing it but, possibly, you’ve haven’t considered the implications and the opportunities of this Podcast production model. In episode #49 of The Podcast Report, Paul Colligan (author of the #1 Top Selling “How To Podcast 2015”) examines what you need to know and consider in possibly batching your next Podcast.

Big Idea –

The Right Production Model Might Change Your Podcast Forever (tweet this) http://ctt.ec/6WKaU

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3 Ways Today’s Podcast Content Can Serve You In 3 Years – The Podcast Report Episode #48

Photo Jun 02, 6 59 28 AM
Paul Colligan examines 3 things you can do for / with your Podcast that could have an impact 3 – 5 – 10 years into the future. Why produce something that is only good for a week when the impact on your content can be decades long?

Big Idea –

  • Evergreen Content Is Almost Always A Better Monetization Strategy (Tweet This) http://ctt.ec/I63_z

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Reports Of Social And Spotify – The Podcast Report Episode #47

Photo May 26, 7 32 48 AM
2 big things in podcasting news this week – Spotify’s introduction into the podcasting space – and Social Media Examiner’s annual report on the social media marketing industry. Paul covers them both in this special episode of The Podcast Report.

Big Idea –

It’s A Platform, Not A Podcast (Tweet This) http://ctt.ec/4bxba

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Podcast Monetization – The Integrated Model – The Podcast Report Episode #46

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In closing up his series on Podcast Monetization, Paul Colligan examines the integrated model of Podcast Monetization and how it provides options for a long term perspective on your Podcast. For a transcript and a mind map of today’s episode text “#EP46” to 503-897-1290.

Big idea –

The True Value Of Your Podcast Is In The Content You Provide, Not The Audience That Listens (Tweet This)http://ctt.ec/0Ja8j

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