Podcast Monetization – The Integrated Model – The Podcast Report Episode #46

Photo May 18, 6 41 59 PM
In closing up his series on Podcast Monetization, Paul Colligan examines the integrated model of Podcast Monetization and how it provides options for a long term perspective on your Podcast. For a transcript and a mind map of today’s episode text “#EP46” to 503-897-1290.

Big idea –

The True Value Of Your Podcast Is In The Content You Provide, Not The Audience That Listens (Tweet This)http://ctt.ec/0Ja8j

Links –

The Book – http://grabthebook.com/

The Podcast Report Patreon – http://patreon.com/PaulColligan

The Direct Model – http://thepodcastreport.com/43

The Indirect Model – http://thepodcastreport.com/42